Investing in bitumen

Continental Bitumen is part of the Colas Group, a major global bitumen organisation who trade over 5 million tons of bitumen each year.

The group has its own shipping fleet with global reach. The Colas Group is now bringing this global capability and experience to the United Kingdom with Continental Bitumen investing in a new bitumen production and storage facilities and expanding current manufacturing capability.

  • NEW bitumen import and blending facility in Avonmouth (under construction)
  • NEW PMB manufacturing unit in Warrington (fully operational)

What we do

Trading and supply

As the largest buyer of bitumen in the world (5.4 m Tons), Continental Bitumen in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Latin America and our sister companies in Asia – North America – Australia have unrivalled access to suppliers who are long standing partners.

Bitumen terminals

Relying on a network of 70 terminals globally adding up to 1 M tons of storage, Continental Bitumen is investing in further import and storage capacity in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Latin America with positions in France, Morocco, Ireland, Iceland, South Africa and a new terminal being built in the UK.


Relying on a group fleet of 8 bitumen sea-tankers, additional chartered fleet and fully integrated in-house ship management capability, Continental Bitumen is investing in two new 20,000 tons vessels that will be the first LNG propelled bitumen tankers, cutting up to 90% of CO2 emissions compared to conventional tankers.

Rail and Road distribution

Sustainable investment extend to ground logistics with a growing network of rail supply chains and the promotion of GNL propelled road tankers for our retail distribution activities.

About us

Established in Dublin since 2020

Continental Bitumen is an autonomous subsidiary of Colas dedicated to bitumen in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Latin America

Continental Bitumen works hand in hand with our sister companies :

  • Tipco in Asia
  • Sami in Australia
  • McAsphalt in North America

Already buying 1.5 m tons of bitumen in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Latin America Continental Bitumen invests in sustainable dedicated logistics

  • to compensate decreasing local production
  • to facilitate access to end users for exporting refineries
  • to secure quality and low carbon supply to our local partners

Our mission

is to secure Colas own bitumen supply, invest in the necessary logistics, develop trade partnership with suppliers and third party end-users interested to benefit from our logistic capabilities and synergies with our own supply. 

Some numbers


Million tons of bitumen traded 




Bitumen sea tankers